Government clawbacks will hurt accident victims

This article was originally published on AdvocateDaily on August 19, 2015. Ontario’s Liberal government — through proposed changes to the province’s auto insurance system and recent regulation amendments — has dealt several blows to plaintiffs that are certain to make life more difficult for injured individuals, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Emily Casey. In its spring budget, Ontario’s Liberal government proposed combining services related to catastrophic injuries, like attendant care and rehabilitation, to a single benefit with a limit of $1 million, down from the current combined $2-million limit, reports the CBC. Basic auto insurance...
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Do You Have Insurance Coverage as a Cyclist?

Given how short our summers tend to feel, it's not surprising that many of us grab our bikes as soon as warmer weather arrives. Besides being an environmentally friendly form of transportation, it's also a great way to fit exercise into our busy schedules. Unfortunately, despite efforts by many municipalities to make streets more bike-friendly, cyclists are still at a major disadvantage when sharing the road with motor vehicles. In my practice as a personal injury lawyer in Ontario, some of the most devastating injuries we come across involve cyclists struck by cars. If you've been involved in an accident with...
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Dealing with liability in slip and fall accidents

This past year, Toronto has had a winter unlike any other in our recent memory. With constant buildup of snow and ice, it is important to remember that property owners and tenants (or “occupiers”) have a responsibility to ensure that pedestrians are safe when traversing their property. While a pedestrian has the obligation to take reasonable care when walking, they should also not be subjected to unexpected hazards. Potentially dangerous conditions could include:
  • Ice/snow that has not been cleared
  • Slippery floors (spills, wet floors)
  • Inadequate lighting conditions
  • Missing handrails
  • Holes, gaps or cracks in flooring
  • Sudden changes in elevation (unexpected bumps, curbs, potholes)
If someone slips or...
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Involved in an at-fault car accident? You are still entitled to benefits

A person who has been injured in any accident involving a motor vehicle can claim accident benefits regardless of fault. These benefits are available without having to sue a third party. Every automobile insurance policy in Ontario has mandatory accident benefits coverage. These benefits cover not just an occupant of an automobile (eg. cars and buses), but also include pedestrians, cyclists, as well as family members who may also claim benefits if they have suffered losses as a result of your accident. There are timelines that must be adhered to in order to advance a claim. This includes notifying your insurance...
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