Damages key when deciding whether to sue

If an individual is injured while outside of their home on either private or municipal property, one of the first issues to evaluate in terms of whether to seek legal recourse is how significant the damages are, both economically and in relation to pain and suffering, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Emily Casey. “Typically, I tell clients the first question they have to ask themselves is, ‘What is the damage?’” she says. “That’s the same with any type of civil lawsuit. If you fall down and scrape your knee but can work the next day, there would be no loss...
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CPPD application process lengthy, complicated

Turning to the Canada Pension Plan disability (CPPD) system for financial assistance is not as simple as an individual collecting back the funds they have contributed over the years — rather, the process can be lengthy, complicated, and require outside support to endure, Toronto personal injury lawyer Emily Casey writes in Lawyers Weekly.

“Many CPPD applicants are denied on their initial application, and the road only gets harder, both in terms of understanding what should be done and waiting out excessive delays in obtaining a hearing date,” Casey, an associate with Tkatch & Associates, writes in...
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Delays and denials characterize flawed CPP system

If anyone has the misfortune to find themselves unable to work due to a disability, they may turn to the Canada Pension Plan disability system (CPPD) for financial assistance. However, in doing so they are facing a system that forces applicants to endure a long and complicated application and appeal process that can leave them without the benefits owed to them for years. One might rest assured in knowing that they have made sufficient contributions to the plan to be eligible under the CPPD contribution requirements, which set out the minimum an individual must have contributed in the years leading up...
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Commercial tenants’ liability for accidents occurring on city sidewalks

Our firm was successful at trial in arguing that commercial tenants can be found to be an occupier of a city sidewalk, in a recent ruling made by The Honourable Madam Justice Sanderson in Mackay v. Starbucks. In an excerpt from the decision: Considerations and Conclusions on Whether Starbucks was an Occupier of the Sidewalk [103]      I have found that Starbucks expected that in the morning hours, many of its customers would drive to Hammersmith, park, cross over the sidewalk through the gap in the fence and enter its store.  They would exit using the same path. [104]      I...
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